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Book Nerds Bookkeeping Services

Individualized Bookkeeping & Business Solutions

Our services are designed to be personalized for all types and sizes of businesses. 

We can help..

Enable growth

Alleviate stress

Keep you organized

Simplify your filing process


Local & Virtual Bookkeeping

Enabling Growth

- Transaction Recording 

- Backlogging/ Cleanups

- Bank & Credit Card Reconciling 

- Up-to-Date Monthly Statements 

- Payroll Services 

- GST & Source Deduction Filing 

- Year-end Reporting 

- Profitability Tracking 

Accounts Payable & Receivable

Alleviating Stress

- Vendor Balance Tracking 

​- Cheque Writing 

​- Invoice Generation & Delivery

- Monthly "Balance Owing"             Statements

- Outstanding Receivable Follow-ups 


Tax Filing Services

Simplify your filing process

- Personal Tax

- Sole Proprietor Tax

- Corporate Tax

Business Solutions

Keeping you organized

​Including but not limited to:

- Data Entry 

- Contract Building 

- Business Planning 

- Office Organization 

- Process Structuring & Streamlining


Tired of searching for the perfect fit for your business?

The search is finally over! 

Client Love

"Alicia is your next step towards success, clarity and the ability to breathe"

If you haven't signed up with Book Nerds yet, you are doing yourself a MASSIVE disservice. The fact is Alicia is incredible at what she does! The bookkeeping, the tax prep... all of it... but the business management keeping you organized and moving forward!? If it wasn't for Alicia and her dedication and calming CALMING attitude, I would probably have a job and be working for someone else instead of chasing my dream.
From the moment you sign up, you will see that you've made one of the best business decisions you can. 100/10 I recommend Book Nerds, you will not change my mind here.
In closing, a successful business has a top notch business manager, Alicia is your next step towards success, clarity and the ability to breathe.

 Kelsey Pelletier | White Lightning Media Inc.

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